The classic! Highly translucent zirconia for single crowns to large bridges

Prettau® Zirconia is the material of choice for frequently occurring problems like reduced available space, bruxism or ceramic chipping. It offers a functional and at the same time aesthetical solution.

This highly biocompatible and non-porous material distinguishes itself through its extremely high translucency and perfectly natural appearance. Due to these characteristics and if used in conjunction with a special colouring technique, the use of veneer ceramics can be entirely eliminated. In this way, aesthetically pleasing full-zirconia restorations, i.e. the Prettau® Bridge can be realized.


  • Higher translucency due to optimized microstructure of the zirconia
  • No ceramic chipping
  • No abrasion to the antagonist tooth
  • 200% higher bending strength, thanks to the elimination of the veneer ceramics
  • Especially suited in case of implants, reduced available space or restorations with gingival reconstruction


  • CAM-dry processing
  • Sintering (1600 °C)
  • Glaze with the Glaze 3D Glaze Base, Glaze Plus or NEW: Glaze Fluo for natural fluorescence
  • High gloss polishing
  • Insertion: Cementation or screwing


The zirconia for restorations without veneering

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