Extremely transparent zirconia for fully anatomic or reduced structures for
ceramic layering

Prettau® Anterior® is a new and highly biocompatible zirconia material from Zirkonzahn. Due to its high translucency it is ideally suited for use in the anterior tooth region and hence offers an ideal alternative to lithium disilicate. Moreover, it is also perfectly appropriate for use in the posterior tooth region.


  • Extremely translucent zirconia for the elaboration of single crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and at maximum 3-unit bridges (full contoured or reduced structures for ceramic layering)
  • Flexural strength of 670 MPa (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Particularly suited for the anterior tooth region
  • Ideal alternative to lithium dislicate
  • Also perfectly appropriate for posterior tooth restorations
  • Higher translucency due to optimised microstructure of the zirconia
  • No ceramic chipping and abrasion to the antagonist tooth


  • CAM-dry processing
  • Sintering (1500 °C)
  • Glaze with the Glaze 3D Glaze Base, Glaze Plus or NEW: Glaze Fluo for natural fluorescence
  • High gloss polishing
  • Insertion: Cementation or screwing

Prettau® 4 Anterior®

the better glass ceramic

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