Without zirconia there would be no Zirkonzahn.

Strongly convinced of the base properties of this material, I decided to make the best of it for us dental technicians. To achieve that, much more was necessary than initially thought – premium raw materials, expensive manufacturing and cleaningprocesses, colouring concepts, processing tools, milling strategies once manual and now digital, sintering furnaces and consistently new solutions. But we never gave up. We studied everything to the final detail and assembled thenecessary puzzle that is Prettau® zirconia. Prettau®: a name deeply connected to my South Tyrolean homeland. A commitment and a promise at the same time. Now, we are persistently pushing the path of our Prettau® zirconia towards monolithic design. Zirconia is and remains our passion – and our pride. You can count on that!

Yours, Enrico Steger

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