Available now! Particularly translucent zirconia with natural colour gradient and excellent flexural strength

The Prettau® Bridge has been used for patients all over the world for 10 years now. Tens of thousands of structures have been skilfully coloured by hand and refined individually for each patient.

All these experiences have been integrated into the development of the new Prettau® 2 Dispersive® zirconia. The result is a particularly translucent zirconia with excellent flexural strength, provided with a smooth, natural colour gradient already during the manufacturing process. Thanks to a special technique, colours are not blended into layers but dispersed evenly, resulting in a merging natural colour gradient after sintering.

Depending on the aesthetic requirements, the structures can also be further individualised by manually applying Colour Liquids, ceramics or stains. This biocompatible zirconia can be used for both monolithic and reduced structures and is suitable for all kinds of restorations, from single crowns to full arch bridges.

Properties at a glance

  • Pre-coloured zirconia with natural colour gradient, excellent flexural strength and particularly high translucency
  • Merging colour gradient that reproduces the natural tooth colours from dentine to enamel, colour scheme from A1-D4
  • Manual colouring with Colour Liquids is not required any more, but it can be used to achieve a more patient specific result
  • No limitations! Especially suitable for full arch restorations but also for single crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and bridges with up to 14 elements, occlusally screwed or cemented (fully anatomical or reduced for veneering with ICE Zirkon Ceramics)
  • No ceramic chipping (thanks to the fully anatomical design)
  • No abrasion to the antagonist
  • After sintering, the restoration can be personalised with ICE Zirkon Stains Prettau® and ICE Zirkon 3D Stains by Enrico Steger


  • CAM-dry processing
  • Sintering (1600 °C)
  • Glaze with 3D Glaze Base, Glaze Plus or NEW: Glaze Fluo for a natural fluorescence
  • High gloss polishing
  • Insertion: Cementation or screwing

Prettau® 2 Dispersive®

with natural colour gradient for monolithic full arch bridges

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